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This page is dedicated to Rottweiler Training and Training issues. If you purchased a puppy from us or has questions about any triaining issues with but not limited to Potty training, Obedience, Aggression, Socializing, SchH Training....... please contact us or the people we have endorse below. We will be happy to help you out.


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Tricia has Wu-Tang Hank.  She is listed on AKC website as a CGC tester and evaluator which Tricia is able to do classes for.

IF you would like to Contact Tricia, her information is as follows: Tricia Seivers
Pawsitive K9 Training by Tricia-Owner/Trainer
F.I.T. Camp-Owner/Personal Trainer,  Phone number is 408-893-1582 and email is  Tricia is able to assist you with puppy classes and socialization, basic obedience, tricks classes, and in-home private training for everything from potty training issues to dog and people aggressive dogs.  She works the bay area, Tri-Valley area and Morgan Hill, Gilroy area as well.  Also work Santa Cruz area as well.

Tricia have been training since 1990, now with many years of dog training experience,  she is able to offer her services and advice.

In 2000 I started training on my own.  I have been training on my own under Pawsitive K9 Training ever since.  I do puppy obedience classes, adult obedience classes, trick training classes, and a lot of creative classes for my returning students.  We will do classes where we take field trips to Starbucks, Home Depot, Home Expo, etc. to get our dogs used to being out in the public and enjoying time with their owners.  I have taught agility in the past and have run a dog social hour.   I also do private dog training for just about anything, but specialize in dogs with aggression issues towards people and other dogs and dogs with noise sensitively issues as well.

I run Canine Good Citizen Courses as well.  I am also a certifeid AKC CGC Evaluator and listed on the AKC's website.  I am also about to be a certified service dog trainer and evaluator for AKC as well. 

Why come to me?   I am very well rounded when it comes to dog training and people with all sorts of dog issues.  I do not agree with just one method of training versus another.  I have many resources and many contacts and will do what it takes to help just about anyone with any situation.  If I do not think I can do it, I will find someone who can.  I am well known in my community and with all the other community dog trainers. I believe you have to see what works for the dog and what feels right for the owner.  I am very straight forward on letting the owners know what I think needs to be done and making sure they can do it.  I can come up with all sorts of solutions and alternatives until I find what works for my clients.  After all, it is about the client and the dog being happy and successful.